Orlando Wetlands Park, 4/8/2017

Purple Gallinule

On April 8, I drove out to Orlando Wetlands Park, one of my favorite destinations in Orange County (second only to Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive). I was not disappointed. I decided this year I would try to diversify my photography and make a special effort to photograph scenery, wildflowers and wildlife other than birds. Orlando Wetlands Park is a great place for this. Thee were lots of Prairie Irises blooming all over the park.

Prairie Iris

And a Blue Dasher dragonfly was also perched photogenically. This is to me a stunning male.

Blue Dasher

But I simply can't tear myself away from the birds entirely. There was so much there to photograph and enjoy. The only rarity was a group of three Stilt Sandpipers mixed in with a flock of Long-billed Dowitchers.

Stilt Sandpipers with Long-billed Dowitchers

The Purple Swamphen has left the park (or was removed?), but the Purple Gallinules are still abundant and as beautiful as ever.

Purple Gallinule

And of course who could resist a Savannah Sparrow if he's going to perch so nicely like this one did. This bird gave me about 2 minutes to position myself to get a pleasing background.

Savannah Sparrow

And then of course there's the waders. A Green Heron came out in the open in nice light, and the night-heron roost sported three Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, probably the most I've seen in the park.

Green Heron

Yellow-crowned Night-Heron