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Swamp Sunflowers at Marl Bed Flats

Swamp Sunflowers Shortly after I moved down to Florida, I heard about the beautiful Swamp Sunflowers that bloom in Late September and Early October at Marl Bed Flats.  However, I've never remembered to go visit while they were blooming. I'm always too early, too late, or I forget all together.  Earlier this week, however, I made it there while they were still blooming. Swamp Sunflowers Swamp Sunflowers Swamp Sunflowers

Anhinga with Fish

Anhinga with Fish Back in August I visited Lake Apopka and found an Anhinga right after it speared a fish, giving me lots of opportunities for photos.  This one is my favorites because the fish looks completely surprised to be having such a bad day.

Baltimore's Inner Harbor

Baltimore Inner Harbor At the end of August I was in Baltimore, and I stayed in the Marriott. My window overlooked the inner harbor. I love photographing the Baltimore skyline, and I've never been able to photograph it from this angle.  I arrived at night and took a few pictures before going to bed. Then the next morning I took a few more in the daytime. Baltimore Inner Harber Baltimore City