Wildflowers at Central Winds Park

Spiderwort with Harvestman

I wouldn't call Central Winds Park a great place to look for wildflowers. I've only noticed a few varieties there, but when the birding is slow, it's nice to have something pretty to photograph. I'm using my point and shoot camera here, the Canon Power Shotokan G7X, so the backgrounds are not quite as blurry as using an DSLR with a true macro lens. But I was able to get enough separation between the flower and the background that I didn't think this was too much of a distraction.

Wild Petunia

Spiderwort is everywhere right now in the garden. I these photos, there's some sort of harvestman on the flower--I guess he doesn't know he's not a true spider. Spiderworts are one of my favorite wildflowers, along with Wild Petunia.

Common Beggarticks

Along the path there is also plenty of Common Beggar ticks and some yellow flower I haven't identified for certain yet, but I'm pretty sure it's Pineland Nerveray.

Pineland Nerveray