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Dragonflies on BioLab Rd

On Saturday while birding BioLab Rd, I found two dragonflies that I'd never seen before. The first was pointed out to me by a friend, a Seaside Dragonlet.  They are apparently very common along the drive.  The second one was a Marl Pennant.  This is one that I've been looking for for some time.

I Apologize if this is Gross

On Biolab Rd at Merritt Island yesterday, I saw a Digger Wasp carrying a Katydid.  It landed on a branch, I guess to rest for a little bit, and this allowed me to take a few photos. I'm no expert on insects, but according to the good folks at, the Digger Wasp is Sphex jamaicensis (no common name) and the katydid is an Agile Meadow Katydid.  Female Digger Wasps look for Katydids and Grasshoppers, sting them to paralyze them, and then bring them back to one of their tunnels. These photos illustrate how.  They grasp the antennae of their prey in their mandibles and then wrap their legs around the body of the insect.  This one is quite a bit larger than the wasp, which is perhaps the reason why it rested and posed for photos. Once bringing her prey into her tunnel, she will lay her eggs there and  then close up the tunnel.  When her eggs hatch, the larvae will eat the Katydid.  Sorry if that's gross, but I find it quite fascinating.

By the way, digger wasps are not a…