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Indigobird, 6/3/2018

Village Indigobird Yesterday one of my friends found this exotic bird at his feeder. He called a few of us to come over and see this bird. We spent a good amount of time trying to turn it into a Pin-tailed Whydah, but there were several things that didn't sit well with that species. First, the bill was whitish with a tinge of pink, the legs were orange, and the bird appeared to be molting into an adult plumage that didn't match any whydah we could find. Turns out the best fit is an Indigobird. We recorded the bird singing, and the recordings appear to be a spot on match for recordings of Village Indigobird on xeno-canto. Here's the strange thing. I checked iNaturalist and eBird, and there are no records of any indigobird anywhere in the United States. So while it would be wrong to say this bird is "rare" because it's certainly an escaped/released pet, it's still pretty great to see one that apparently isn't a common pet in the United States. It wa

Wildflowers at Lower Wekiva River Preserve, 6/2/2018

Meadow Beauty I took a 7-mile walk around the Lower Wekiva River Preserve this morning. I wasn't able to take my normal route, though, since the trails were flooded in a couple places. So I ended up walking some areas that I'd never been to before. I ended up seeing a fair amount that I don't normally see,  so it looks like I need to add more variety to my hikes here. Butterfly Pea Ever since May, I've been hiking with my macro lens instead of my 400 mm lens. I'm trying to concentrate on learning my butterflies and dragonflies, while also photographing other bugs and wildflowers I see. The change has been fun and very enjoyable, though I suspect when migration starts again, I'll go back to my old ways. Rose Rush I had a wonderful time with the wildflowers I'd seen. The Meadow Beauty and Butterfly Pea were the first I've photographed. I've photographed Rose Rush before, but it looked more blue. I've photographed Tarflower severa