American Kestrel Flight under Morning Light

Central Winds Park
American Kestrel
This morning I arrived at Central Winds to find an American Kestrel on one of the goal posts of the football field. I saw the Kestrel fly off to terrorize some Killdeer, so I took that opportunity to position myself in between the sun and the goal post, hopefully get shots of it returning with breakfast. It returned without a catch, but instead of landing on the goalpost, it swerved and landed on the goalpost on the other side of the field. The morning sunlight lit it pretty evenly as it turned, giving me one of m best Kestrel flight shots.


  1. Awesome shot, Scott!!!

  2. American Kestrels take well to artificial nest boxes. To attract a breeding pair, the box should be put up by early February. Nail it to a tree 10 to 30 feet above the ground away from traffic and loud human activity. Attach a guard to keep predators from raiding eggs and young.

    Maycee (Website information on LED Light Cubes Only Cubes)


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