Potomac State Forest, Laurel Run

Upper Colosseum Falls
Upper Colosseum Falls
The Potomac State Forest is not nearly as popular as other attractions in Western Maryland, but for nature photographers, it's a gold mine.  There are two gravel roads through the forest that follow streams that empty into the Potomac.  In this post, we'll look at Laurel Run Rd [map].  There are rustic campsites along the road, and there are three falls that can be accessed there.  One is at the end of the road near the Potomac; it's pretty and the easiest to find.

Cascade on Laurel Run
Cascades between Upper and Lower Colosseum Falls
Farther up stream is another falls, which the ranger told me they call Colosseum Falls.  I call it Lower Colosseum Falls.  If you drive down to campsite #29 and park there, you'll be able to find it.  Usually I bring a pair of waterproof sandals with me.  After shooting the Lower Colosseum Falls, I walk upstream where there are plenty of very beautiful places to photograph.  After a little while, you'll reach what I call Upper Colosseum Falls.  From there I get back onto the road and walk down to the car.

Lower Colosseum Falls
Lower Colosseum Falls
I used to vacation at Deep Creek Lake every August, and I would visit Swallow Falls almost every morning.  After several years, I decided I needed to find someplace a little different.  I still go to Swallow Falls, but Potomac State Forest is another fantastic place to visit for great photography.

Bottom Falls
Falls Closest to the Potomac River


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