Monochromatic Compositions

Often the term monochromatic is thought to be synonymous with black & white.  But actually the term simply refers to compositions of just one color.  The composition may contain gradations from black to white, but all the in between is one color.

It sometimes take a fair amount of planning to to exclude all colors from an image except for the one you want to keep.  As you can see from the photo above, there's still some pesky green grass cluttering up my image.  But by and large, this photograph is a picture of brown.

I thought the color fit the mood of the scene.  After all, the car is long dead--it was pushed up a hill by a hurricane that came through Daniels, MD in the early 70's.  The trees are barren--the leaves are brown and the sky is grey (sorry, it had to be done).  The decay on the car mirrors the loss of life in the trees.  Thankfully, life returned to the trees in the spring, even if the same did not hold true for the car.