Birdmap of Mead Gardens

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Great-crested Flycatcher
The other day I had an idea.  I go to many places for birding and bird photography, and some of you have emailed me letting me know that my posts have given you new places to visit.  I also know some of you visit the same places I do, so you're bound to see wildlife I haven't seen in the same parks.  I thought it might be fun to create a forum for us to share our sightings with each other.  I decided it would be good to create a "birdmap" of the parks I visit frequently.  I thought I'd begin with Mead Gardens, since it's a relatively small park, and I've been visiting it very frequently during spring migration. I put spots that have been particularly good in recent days in yellow.

View Mead Gardens in a larger map

It probably goes without saying that this kind of map is approximate at best.  Not only do birds move about during the day but migrant birds may come and then leave, never to be seen again until the fall or following spring.  That said, this should give you a way to consider what parts of the park to try to see different species of birds.

This a public, collaborative map.  If you've seen a species not on this map, please feel free to add it.  All you should need is a Google account.  Simply click on the map to view it in Google Maps, and then you should be able to edit it.  Drop a pin and say what you've seen.  I've avoided giving locations of nests; I've marked the locations where the birds have been seen, but not their nests.  Also, if you happen to see an endangered species here, it may be good not to add it to the map.  I'd hate to have mobs of birders and photographers disturbing nests and endangered birds; my blog does not get enough traffic to worry about that, but just in case, it's probably good not to publish precise locations.