Lake Proctor Wilderness Area, 7/22/2017

Amanda's Pennant

This morning a friend and I decided to head out to Lake Proctor Wilderness Area to do some birding and look for dragonflies. The habitat here seemed like it might be good for a Purple Skimmer, and we wanted to see if we could find any here.  Lake Proctor is pretty low right now, and really it amounts to several ponds, but the whole area is surrounded by pine trees, and parts of it appear to have a sandy bottom, and that's a good area for Purple Skimmer. We didn't see any, but we did see about the same number of odonata species as we saw bird species, about 20 each.

Atlantic Bluet

Seepage Dancer

I'm pretty much a novice at dragonflies, and I don't think I've ever seen so many different species on one place. I saw 8 new species: Seepage Dancer, Atlantic Bluet, Lilypad Forktail, Comet Darner, Wandering Glider, Amanda's Pennant, Ornate Pennant, and Banded Pennant.

Eastern Amberwing

Little Blue Dragonlet (female)

Little Blue Dragonlet (imm. male)

Golden-winged Skimmer

Banded Pennant

There were also some other insects that posed nicely for photos. My favorite is a little grasshopper that I 
haven't yet identified, as well as a beefy and a Delaware Skipper.


Shield-backed Bug


Delaware Skipper