Geneva Wilderness Area, 7/27/2017

Carolina Spreadwing

After having such a wonderful time this past Saturday at Lake Proctor looking for butterflies and dragonflies, I thought I'd try a different park with a similar habitat. Geneva Wilderness Area is a little closer, but it has three ponds with similar habitat. So I decided I'd check those ponds before work. They are surrounded by pines with grassy fields near them, and from what I'm learning that's a pretty good type of place to look for dragonflies.

Cherry Bluet

I didn't see nearly as many dragonflies as on Saturday, but I did get about 15 species, and two of them were new to me: Carolina Spreadwing and Cherry Bluet. There were several species that were at Lake Proctor as well: Banded Pennant, Golden-winged Skimmer, Halloween Pennant, Little Blue Dragonlet, Atlantic Bluet, and Rambur's Forktail.

Atlantic Bluet (can't entirely rule out Familiar Bluet)

Citrine Forktail

Rambur's Forktail

Banded Pennant

Little Blue Dragonlet

On the way out to the ponds, I also saw a Twilight Darner. I'm learning that these are more common here than I had originally thought.

Twilight Darner