Marl Bed Flats Video Slideshow

A couple days ago I upgraded my ProShow Gold software from Photodex. I've fallen out of use with this wonderful product, but my son needed to do a slideshow, so I upgraded my software. I figured since I spent the $45 on the upgrade, I should use it myself, right? So I put together about 40 photos from Marl Bed Flats, one of my favorite birding locations, and put together a slideshow.

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Trail to the Flats
ProShow Gold is making it easier and easier to make slideshows look really nice. I used a wizard to collect and arrange my photos and choose music (you can now use royalty free music provided by Photodex, a nice touch). Then I modified some of the themes to suit my needs and used three of them throughout the slideshow. After getting them set the way I want, it was was a very quick process. I then exported it to my smugmug site. The fact that Photodex now supports uploading to SmugMug was a big reason for me deciding to upgrade. There is a lot more that can be done with this software than what you can see in the above slideshow. For instance, you can move several images simultaneously on the screen at one time, and the like. I suspect I'll be doing a bit more work with this in the future, but I thought I'd share this little tidbit now.