Little Big Econ State Forest (Jones East Trailhead)

Little Big Econ SF
Golden-winged Skimmer
There's a wonderful little trail within the Little Big Econ State Forest. It's called the Jones East Trailhead on Snowhill Rd.  It's a wonderful little area worth more exploration.  I've only been here three times, but I've enjoyed it every time.  The area is a mixture of pine flatwoods with a hardwood hammock and bay swamp near the river.  There is lots of open space, especially near the parking area, so you'll be out in the sun a fair amount.  A trail map of the area can be seen here [map]. Here is a link to field reports from this location.

Little Big Econ SF

There are several trails to explore, and while the area might seem small, the trails connect to other areas of the forest. You could walk all the way to the Barr St. trailhead off of SR-426 if you chose. Due west of the trailhead you can find a nice creek. If you walk northwest, you can make it to the Econ River. Below I've attached a map of one of my visits.  During this visit, I walked about 3 miles. I walked west to the little creed and explored the area to the south, but I did not walk northwest to the river.

I like this area becaue it's one of the few places in Seminole County where you can find breeding Bachman's Sparrows.  However, it's a good place for other pine flatwood species as well, like Common Nighthawk, Pine Warbler, Brown-headed Nuthatch, and Wild Turkey. Near the river or stream, you're likely to hear singing Red-eyed Vireos other birds that enjoy wetter habitats. So far I've found 75 bird species in portion of the forest (between this trailhead and the Barr St. trailhead), but I suspect there's much more to be seen.

Little Big Econ SF
Bachman's Sparrow
Accommodations There's nothing here by way of accommodations. There are no restrooms, no picnic areas, and no other amenities. The trails are clearly marked, but if you plan to wander far, you may want to bring a GPS or map. And as always, it would be wise to bring bug spray, sun protection and water.

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Red-bellied Woodpecker