Little Big Econ SF (Jones East Trailhead), 7/10/2015

Little Big Econ SF, Jones East Trailhead
Downy Woodpecker
A couple weeks ago I visited the Jones East trailhead of the Little Big Econ State Forest. My intention was to confirm the breeding of Bachman's Sparrows in on area of the park where I'd seen them before and then head north to the Econ River and look for Night-Herons, Prothonotary Warblers, and other birds that may be breeding by the river. I struck out on all counts. The Bachman's Sparrows appear to be gone, and I found no interesting birds by the river.

Little Big Econ SF, Jones East Trailhead
Red-footed Cannibalfly
So I photographed some bugs. I finally have photos of a robber fly, in this case, a Red-footed Cannibalfly. They're pretty amazing creatures. Then I photographed a Halloween Pennant. They're one of my favorites. dragonflies.

Little Big Econ SF, Jones East Trailhead
Halloween Pennant

Here's my eBird checklist, and here's a map of my walk.


  1. Too bad you didn't find your targets, Scott.

  2. Yea, but a "bad day" birding is better than good day doing most other things.


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