My Favorite FL Bird Photos of 2013

This was a very fun year. I found many new places to visit for photography, many of which were right near my home. I'm finding that I'm becoming increasingly a local photographer, spending most of my time within an hour's drive of my home and often within my own county. There are some notable exceptions, though. I took a few longer drives in FL to see rarities, like a Tropical Kingbird on the Gulf Coast and a Snowy Owl in Jacksonville. These are my favorite Florida bird photos of the year. I could only narrow it down to 50, which may take a while to view, so if you'd prefer to see the whole gallery at once, just click on the Open Gallery View link to see them on my SmugMug site. There's another advantage of viewing them there--you can see the species name in the titles.  Unfortunately, SmugMug hasn't yet figured out how to show you the photo title on an embeded slideshow; they only let you show the caption, which I use for the photo's location. I ordered these photos by date taken, beginning in January.


  1. Superb collection of memories, Scott! Your photography throughout this past year has been very inspirational to me, personally. I took up this hobby about a year ago and your images showed me what the possibilities could be. Hopefully, one day I'll be able to accomplish something near your level of expertise.
    Happy New Year!

  2. Thanks so much, Wally! It's a wonderful hobby/addiction to have.


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