Crescent Beach near St. Augustine, FL

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Crescent Beach
My family loves to go to the beach, and we live less than an hour from several beaches here in FL, so it happens frequently.  But the beaches here are boring--sand and waves is what you get.  But if you head up toward St. Augustine, things get much better.  Crescent Beach [map] near Marineland just south of St. Augustine is a beautiful beach.  There are coquina rocks all along the beach, and they create a lot more photographic interest than simple sand and beach.

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Sanderling at Crescent Beach
Not only that, but it seems  to me that the rocks attract more wildlife.  At least I see far more shorebirds, gulls, terns, and turtles here than elsewhere.  This is a great place to go for sunrise photographs at the beach--certainly the best I've found in FL so far.  I'm certainly open to suggestions from any of you who have found great places to go in FL.

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Sea Turtle at Crescent Beach
Now, if I can convince my family to go along with me on this, I'll drive up early to Crescent Beach to take sunrise photographs, and my wife and kids come up later to play.  I don't always succeed, though, since my kids often want to play in the water, and the rocks make some play more difficult.
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Coquina Rocks at Crescent Beach
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Royal Tern
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Sunrise at Crescent Beach


  1. Lovely series of shots Scott. Looks like a wonderful place to photograph and I absolutely love the first one.


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