Florida's Ammodramus Sparrows

Canal St.
Grasshopper Sparrow
There are six Ammodramus sparrows that occur in Florida, and now I have presentable photos of all of them. This may be my favorite group of birds in the world. I know the Henslow's Sparrow photo below is terrible, but I'm not complaining. I suspect I won't get a better photo unless I see one up north in the summer.  Full disclosure, though: my Seaside Sparrow Photo was not taken in Florida; it's from South Carolina.  But I have seen them here in FL too--just too far away for photos.  Would someone please send a Baird's Sparrow here please?

Merritt Island NWR, Shiloh Area
Saltmarsh Sparrow
Merritt Island NWR, Shiloh Marsh
Nelson's Sparrow
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Seaside Sparrow
Mullet Lake Park
Le Conte's Sparrow
Tiger Bay Forest WMA
Henslow's Sparrow