My One Year Anniversary

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Red-headed Nuthatch
Today marks my one-year blogging anniversary. I began my blog to write a curriculum for all the major aspects of outdoor photography, but as I wrote posts about learning photography, I found my desires shifting and growing.  My desires now include sharing the beauty of nature, and in particular of bird life, as well as learning and sharing about responsible interaction with and enjoyment of nature.

It's been wonderful getting to know fellow bloggers and nature photographers as well. Many of my newer thoughts, convictions and desires for my photography, blogging, and simple love of nature come from them.  I'm a better photographer, birder, and conservationist now than I was a year ago.  In fact, I suspect I've learned more than I've given, but I'm extremely thankful for all those who've read and contributed to my blog.  So, thanks!


On a side note, my six-year old daughter is sitting with me as I write this, and she wants to say some things about the nuthatch photo above.  She says she loves this bird.  She especially likes its bill, eyes and wings, and she thinks it's cute.  But she thinks she would like it better if it were pink or purple.  She says she does like the pink in the background (I'm colorblind--I didn't even know there was pink in the background until she told me).


  1. Congratulations and thanks for a great blog. I have learned many things reading your photography posts and enjoy your photos.

  2. Congrats on your 1st year! Your blog is always a pleasure to visit; thanks for all the great info you share, and the great photos!

  3. Congrats on your one year anniversary! You're an awesome bird photographer and blogger!

  4. Scott, congratulations on your one year blog anniversary! I always enjoy every visit to your outstanding blog. I am forever inspired by your excellent photographs and the interesting information you share. Love the sweet nuthatch image!


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