Shake Reduction

Picnic Point Park, Seattle
Golden-crowned Kinglet (after)
Today I finally got a copy of Photoshop CC.  There's a new feature in this software that I'd been excited about trying out--shake reduction.  I wish I could use a tripod for all my shots, but the reality is that I'd miss a lot of shots if I used a tripod.  And since my lens does not have image stabilization, I run the risk of motion blur due to camera shake.  This tool is designed to help that.  The above image is after applying the filter, and the below image is before. The tool generates noise, so I chose the minimum amount of sharpening, and then I added smoothing to control the noise. Fully zoomed in, this photo is a bit noisier than the original, but otherwise, I think the effect works pretty well.

Picnic Point Park, Seattle
Golden-crowned Kinglet (before)
We don't get Golden-crowned Kinglets in Florida very often; in fact, this photo was taken in Washington State.  I liked the photo, but I was always a little troubled by the softness of it.  With common species this is not too bad, since I can always console myself by going and taking another photo.  But I probably won't be returning to Washington State for a while, so it was pretty frustrating not to have this photo tack sharp--it's the best pose this one gave me.  Now I can go over several older photo that are like this and see what magic might Photoshop might be able to do.


  1. Good lord, man. That's a dramatic difference. Thanks for sharing.


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