Orlando Wetlands Park, 3/1/2014

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Eastern Phoebe
Yesterday I had what I thought was a pretty good idea. I wanted to try a couple places, and I figured if I rode my bike I could try them both. So I went first to Orlando Wetlands Park.  The route I had planned was about 5 miles.  I rode to the influent and then to the outflow and back to my car.  I saw a lot of birds--highlights were my first Louisiana Waterthrush of the year (and my first ever inside the park). I also heard my first Orange County Virginia Rail.  However, I didn't give myself much time for photography.  I took a few shots of an Eastern Phoebe, and I tried for several minutes to get a decent shot of the Louisiana Waterthrush, but it never really gave me a better look than what you see below.

Louisiana Waterthrush
My plan was then to ride my bike to the St. John's River from the Chuluota Wilderness Area.  There's a trail there that goes through the Charles H. Bronson State Forest to the river, and I was hoping there might be some interesting species by the shore.  However, when I arrived there, the gate was locked and a no trespassing sign was put up.  That was pretty disappointing, but I decided to make the best of it and walk the trails of the Chuluota Wilderness Area. I've only visited here once before, and I didn't see much; I don't know the area well at all. But I did find one part of the wilderness area that may be good for some interesting species, like Bachman's Sparrows and Northern Bobwhite.  So I expect I'll be returning here soon; it seems like an area that's worth exploring more.