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Scott Simmons Photography

I started learning photography when I was given my first SLR in 2001. Since then, I've been mostly interested in various kinds of nature photography--birds, flowers, insects, animals, landscapes, waterfalls, etc. In about 2004 I joined the Central Maryland Photographer's Guild, and especially after serving as president for a couple years, I have developed a strong passion for teaching photography as well.  This site is my attempt to offer what I've learned to others.

I became interested in nature and wildlife primarily through photography.  The more I learned about photography, the more I wanted to be out in nature photographing it.  Over time, my interest in nature, wildlife and conservation grew alongside with my desire to create artistic images with photography.  Because of this, the photographs you'll see on this blog have somewhat expanded beyond just photography as art.  It used to be that I only presented photographs that I would call a "work of art."  But what qualifies as "art" as opposed to "documentation" or "journalism" is rather arbirtrary, and as my concern for nature and conservation has grown, the distinction appears to be fading a way.  So more and more I'm willing to post photos that do not meet the kinds of requirements I used to put on my photographs--for instance, I may post a photo of a bird with a "cluttered" background if it's a rare bird that I believe others will want to find.  You'll find that I'll post photos here for basically three reasons:
  1. Documentation: A photo that documents the presence of a bird/animal in a location.
  2. Interpretation: A photo that is interpretive of the situation I'm photographing.
  3. Artistic Expression: A photo that gives the look that I'm proud to display as a work of art.
With wildlife photography, I observe appropriate birding/wildlife ethics.  I do not approach nests closely or photograph chicks in their nests.  I will photograph fledglings out of their nests from a safe distance.  I do not come between a parent and its young.  I do not use bait to attract wildlife.

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Canon PowerShot S100 HS (retired)
Canon PowerShot G7X
Canon EOS 40D (now retired)
Canon EOS 50D
Canon EOS 7D

EF-S 10-22 mm f/3.5-4.5 USM
EF-S 17-85 mm f/4-5.6 IS USM
EF 100-300 mm f/5.6L
EF 180 mm f/3.5L USM Macro
EF 400 mm f/5.6L USM

Tripod and Head
Bogen 055XPROB Tripod
Manfrotto 488RC2 Midi Ball Head

1, 2, 5 Stop Neutral Density Filters
Circular Polarizing Filters

Canon 420 EX Flash
Chameleon 5-piece reflector set
Cable Remote Shutter Release